This Is the GOP’s Post-Trump Game Plan

In the wake of President Trump’s defeat, the Republican Party is in need of a new direction. Playing defense on the culture is no longer an option; it’s time to go on offense.

How the Child Tax Credit Will Make Child Poverty Worse

Ending childhood poverty is a noble goal, but the Child Tax Credit is not the answer.

Imperfect Justice: A Review of Dr. Anthony Bradley’s Thoughts on Overcriminalization

Overcriminalization and mass incarceration are caused by both the breakdown of virtue and bad government policy. Any serious solution must likewise address both.

A Diabetic’s Take on Insulin Prices

Government granted monopolies are responsible for hikes in insulin prices. Capitalism is the solution, not the problem.

How Lockdowns Make Inequality Worse

The lockdowns only exasperate the growing chasm between the rich and the poor.

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