The Overlooked Art Form of Cinema

When we approach movies with a willingness to think, the art form has so much to teach.

The Alignment Problem

Although we can be tempted to see Chat GPT as a thinking being, we have no guarantee that it is more than a souped-up autocorrect.

From Independence to Injustice: The Suppression of Women in Afghanistan

Two decades of progress have been erased and very few have blinked an eye. 

Who is Responsible for Russia’s War Crimes?

In choosing not to hold Russia’s soldiers responsible for the felonies they commit, Putin is unwittingly taking the responsibility for these felonies upon himself.

The Religion of Atheism

We all make choices about what we believe. We are active in the realm of ideas.

House Speaker Debacle

Despite Republicans’ best efforts, a negative narrative is forming about the GOP’s ability to cooperate, and McCarthy’s election solidified this narrative.

Education Not Indoctrination

It is imperative to ensure that educators teach history truthfully, regardless of our beliefs, because history is a balance between dignity and depravity.

280 Characters

How has the use of social media altered our ability to persuade?

The Great Society and Its Not-So-Great Boundaries

Even without imposing governmental power on the family, these welfare reforms gave families new avenues of provision, and these provisionary means created a web of perverse incentives for families. . . It is these perverse incentives that I believe break the boundaries of the sphere sovereignty that Kuyper envisioned.

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