The Overlooked Art Form of Cinema

When we approach movies with a willingness to think, the art form has so much to teach.

The Alignment Problem

Although we can be tempted to see Chat GPT as a thinking being, we have no guarantee that it is more than a souped-up autocorrect.

From Independence to Injustice: The Suppression of Women in Afghanistan

Two decades of progress have been erased and very few have blinked an eye. 

Who is Responsible for Russia’s War Crimes?

In choosing not to hold Russia’s soldiers responsible for the felonies they commit, Putin is unwittingly taking the responsibility for these felonies upon himself.

The Religion of Atheism

We all make choices about what we believe. We are active in the realm of ideas.

Myanmar’s Aftermath of Fear

“The U.S. taking active involvement in Myanmar works against the United States’ fastest growing rival and helps the nation reinstall freedom and peace to a collapsing state.”

The Importance of Corporate Accountability

“Corporations are a powerful force in American society and influence the lives of millions of Americans. If left unchecked, these corporations can negatively impact society. The fall of Theranos is an example of this.”

Kim and the Dragon

“If the United States and its allies wish to preserve peace and prosperity in the international community, they must seek peace through strength.”

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