Why We Can’t Trust China on COVID-19

“Historically, the bureaucracy of communist regimes have never been transparent, and China is no exception.”

China recently boasted that their government has successfully controlled the coronavirus. China’s reports on their COVID-19 numbers are fictitious.

A Broken System

In a charitable view, the highest government officials believe the virus to be under control. To successfully uphold a communist regime like China’s, the system incentivizes lower government officials to cook the books and misreport information. Local officials change numbers to avoid repercussions to their jurisdictions. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told MSNBC, “There is no doubt that, especially when COVID-19 first hit but even today, China is falling far short of the mark when it comes to providing the information necessary to the international community.” With all the criticism surrounding the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States, we ought to pay special attention to our Eastern neighbors and their fictitious triumph over the pandemic.

Pattern among Communist Regimes

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, a lot of numbers were proven to be fabricated so that local officials could avoid punishment. Industrial production quotas and basic bookkeeping lies led leaders like Mikhail Gorbachev to pull their hair out over missing weapons. False reports also contributed to ideas like the missile gap, which was the theory that the Soviet and U.S. missile arsenals were incomparable in size despite what the Soviets published. Communist regimes incentivize their people to lie to avoid punishment.

Communist regimes have even set up fake villages and special designated tour areas to make their citizens seem happier and healthier to the outside world. Communist regimes often regulates where journalists and investigators can go, what they can record, and what tour guide shows them around. A happy, healthy, prosperous, and free nation would act in their best interest to allow tourists and visitors to roam the country and travel freely.

China’s Lies Exposed

The World Health Organization visited the Wuhan providence on January 20-21 to investigate the truthfulness of China’s claims of eliminating COVID-19. They did not learn much. The entire site the WHO visited was a façade. China also claims that they developed their own vaccine. They are currently distributing their vaccines out to third world countries in an effort to establish influence in rising states, but the legitimacy of the vaccine is questionable.

China burdens visitors with extensive regulations and COVID-19 test policies, fundamentally closing off their borders from the truth. China, in fact, reported that their first local case of COVID-19 since February 14 was successfully vaccinated and eliminated. China remains suspect in their ability to stay open and their truthfulness in reporting local cases of the coronavirus. Historically, the bureaucracy of communist regimes have never been transparent, and China is no exception.


Kyle is a junior studying political science. Growing up in Hudson, Ohio, Kyle developed an interest in politics from studying the American founding in his high school history classes. Kyle is the junior class president in the Student Government Association, as well as on the social executive team for Orientation Board, welcoming new freshmen on campus.

The past couple of summers, Kyle has worked at Camp Mission Meadows as their programing director, overseeing the entire summer camp program and staff. He hopes to enter the national security field after graduation. Kyle hopes to eliminate the threat of terrorism while promoting faith and freedom.