The Truth About CPAC

The true believers who attend CPAC are being sold a lie: that buying into Trumpism is a de facto virtuous path.

The Truth About Grove City College v. Bell

40 years ago, Grove City was offered a choice between compliance and independence. It made the right choice.

Yes, Trump is Wrong About NATO.

Offering our NATO allies as free real estate to tyrants is not the mark of greatness. By Ben Chamberlin   Former President Donald Trump’s latest comments aren’t winning the Republican Party any friends at NATO. At a rally last week, Trump said that, if elected, he would encourage Russia to attack NATO member Poland, saying…

Reclaiming the Narrative on Black History

We must articulate a conservative view of black history and achievement. By Jonathan McGee   After a recent visit to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History, I was reminded that, while conservatives have had victories against DEI and Marxist views of race, we still have a long way to go to reclaim mainstream institutions…

Conservatives, Stop Bashing Taylor Swift.

How conservatives talk about Taylor Swift says more about us than her. By Liliana Zylstra   Taylor Swift’s massive success as a musical artist and cultural sensation has made her once again a topic of political discussion. But the conversation about Swift isn’t really about her. Instead, it demonstrates how badly conservatives often fail to…

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