The Religion of Atheism

We all make choices about what we believe. We are active in the realm of ideas.

Of Banks and Bailouts

by Ben Seevers How should we respond to the Silicon Valley Bank failure? Are we doomed to repeat this same story for eternity until the monetary system breaks down?  Easy money  The monetary chickens released during the COVID panic are coming home to roost. Rampant monetary inflation, easy money, in large part led to the…

House Speaker Debacle

Despite Republicans’ best efforts, a negative narrative is forming about the GOP’s ability to cooperate, and McCarthy’s election solidified this narrative.

Education Not Indoctrination

It is imperative to ensure that educators teach history truthfully, regardless of our beliefs, because history is a balance between dignity and depravity.

How a Blank Piece of Paper May Change the World

If all goes well, the future of China may be a blank sheet of paper.

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