Biden’s Off-The-Cuff Pledge

“Biden’s ad-lib words push Russia closer to China’s arms and present vast implications for the future of U.S. strategy.”

The Strong Do as They Will: Putin’s Gambit in Ukraine

“Putin usurps historical reality with potential reality, thus proving Russia’s illegal incursion.”

Myanmar’s Aftermath of Fear

“The U.S. taking active involvement in Myanmar works against the United States’ fastest growing rival and helps the nation reinstall freedom and peace to a collapsing state.”

Why Voter Narratives Are So Powerful

“It’s easier to claim a rigged game than admit we’re bad players.”

Kazakhstan’s Struggle with Oil, Blood, and Power

“While the story of Kazakhstan might be one of oil, blood, and power, the U.S should not pass up this opportunity to bring new change and hope to the region.”

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